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    The following products are also developed and supported by AHC Information Services Ltd.

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AHCis can supply and/or develop Management Information Systems for Health Authorities (& Boards) and NHS Trusts.

A range of standard modules is available which can be configured to the specific organisation's requirements. These include:

Modules are based upon a combination of OLAP and SQL Server data structures with graphical presentation in the form of tables, charts and (where relevant) maps.

All modules support full 'slice-and-dice' and '  data navigation across multiple dimensions. 'Drill-down-and-up' , eg from SHA to PCT to GP Practice and/or Specialty to Consultant is available where the data can support it and, in some cases, 'drill-through' to display details of individual patient or transaction records can also be provided.

AHCis can configure the above modules, tailor them to meet local requirements or develop new modules as required, all at reasonable costs. We will be happy to meet with you to discuss your specific requirements and provide  you with a detailed estimate.

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