Aquarius Demonstration Page

We are currently developing a download of an example Aquarius web client, but this has been delayed due to limitations imposed by certain browsers. Keep watching this space, however, as we are likely to have sorted all of the problems out soon.

Meanwhile, here are a few more example screenshots from our Aquarius healthcare applications range. 


Sample screen display #1 from a Primary Care application, showing an analysis of GP Practice Populations by Primary Care Trust


aquscr2.gif (30338 bytes)

Sample screen display #2, again from the Primary Care application, showing trends in one PCT's GP Practices' service payment claims


Sample screen display #3 comes from the NHS Wales 'HealthShow' application, comparing patterns of Breast Screening uptake by Local Authority area.


Sample screen display #4 again  comes from the NHS Wales 'HealthShow' application, showing trends in length of stay of mentally ill people from Cardiff..

Last updated: March 28, 2003