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Aquarius, the new dimension

Aquarius is a new generation of Decision Support software designed to provide its users with easy, friendly and intuitive access to information stored in corporate data warehouses.

'Information Aware' intelligence is built into the process of navigating through the databases and determining the most appropriate format for analysing and presenting the information. A range of presentation styles, including tables, business charts and maps will automatically be displayed according the context set by the selected information.

From the outset, Aquarius is designed to operate 'over the Web'. Written in Java, for maximum system portability, Aquarius clients are embedded into HTML web pages, yet provide fully interactive data navigation across and within the remote data warehouse.

This combination of attractive presentation and powerful information navigation and analysis tools used to be associated with Executive Information Systems. Now, with the internet-ready architecture of Aquarius you can embed your whole corporate Management Information System within your Web site.

Aquarius can work with any Internet Browser with Java support.  It can also operate as a LAN-based system within, or outwith the internet 'browser'. Its your choice.


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Freedom of Information?

Corporate data is no longer locked away in a centrallised data warehouse with access only though a custom-built internal MIS or on-line query tools. Even your remotest users can now access corporate information , quickly and easily, through your Intranet or Internet Site. Traveling staff can seek up to date information from anywhere in the world. Home-based workers will not be limited by the information available to them at their 'desk in the garage'. You can even publish interactive corporate reports into the public domain as part of a marketing campaign. Freedom of Information really is possible.

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OLAP or Relational?

Aquarius has drawn upon a long-standing family history of OLAP software solutions expertise. A Client/Server architecture is employed based upon a unique 'Hypercube' OLAP data dictionary structure which services queries on behalf of the many (WEB or LAN-based) clients and interacts with the data in the source warehouse. Users are not required to understand the complex intricacies of multi-dimensional data management, merely to define and select the relevant Business Variables (Dimensions) which are of interest to them. Aquarius will look after the rest.

Indeed it isn't even essential that the data warehouse be based upon an OLAP cube structure. Any ODBC/OLE-DB data source can be used with SQL and/or MDX support. You are free to select the architecture which best suits each data set, based on DATA considerations rather than presentation.

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Aquarius server software will operate on any 32-bit operating system platform including Microsoft Windows 9X, NT4, 2000, XP, Linux, Solaris and other varieties of Unix. Internet Explorer, Netscape and other modern Web Browsers can be used for client-end access.


  OLAP has come of age ...

... the Age of Aquarius.     



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