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Last updated: Friday March 28, 2003


March 2003 AHCis have won, against open competition, TWO new contracts to develop applications for the National Assembly for Wales.

Contract 1...

... is for the development of a web-based Welsh version of the Performance Analysis Toolkit (PAT). PAT was originally developed by the NHS Information Authority as a stand-alone application using Microsoft's Excel and Access products. The Welsh version will retain all of the data, features and functionality of the original but will operate as a web-based service for NHS Wales users.

Contract 2...

... is for the provision of a flexible, interactive, end-user analysis service which accesses a major part of the Patients Episode Database for Wales (PEDW). Based upon the functionality of our Clinical Browser application, this development (e-PEDW) will enable users to perform an almost infinite range of analyses of Inpatient and Outpatient activity, combining the flexibility of SQL with the intuitive 'slice and dice' user interface familiar to all Aquarius web client applications.

Both developments are due for completion at the end of summer 2003.


 ... watch this space for more news!


February 2003 We will not be demonstrating at Harrogate (HC2003) this year. As a small business - which intends, unapologetically, to remain small - we prefer to invest our resources (both human and financial) in further developing new capabilities within the Aquarius software range than to use disproportionately large amounts on exhibiting at every Trade Show. We have decided, therefore, that we will only exhibit at Harrogate every alternate year.  

We look forward to seeing you at HC2004, therefore (although we may bump in to old friends at HC2003 since we will be 'visiting')!


March 2002



Version 1.1 of Aquarius is now available. As well as completing all of the version 1.0 developments, further enhancements have been made to the client software in conjunction with our work with NafW (The National Assembly for Wales).

Also included in v1.1 is a new 'non-Web' client which can access the same server but operates in a windowed environment rather than a web browser.


February 2002


Development of the first application for NafW is just about complete and is being Quality Assured by selected users prior to going fully live in March 2002. This application is a 'web' version of the popular HealthShow system which started life in the mid-1990s as a delivery system for the Public Health Common Data Set. It has grown into a major source of Public Health and other healthcare information within the NHS in Wales and has been completely overhauled with a substantial new Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse with online access to data cubes created within the Aquarius OLAP Manager.


March 2001 Aquarius  achieved its first major sale. 

The National Assembly for Wales (NafW) is purchasing Aquarius Server and Web-Client products, together with associated services from AHCis to develop a new application for publishing  Information 'on the web'. This project will play an important role in the NafW's HOWIS (Health of Wales Information Service) initiative in providing users of the local Cymruweb intranet with interactive, on-line access to a wide range of Public Health and Hospital activity information.

AHCis will undertake the work in conjunction with Health Solutions Wales over the next few months, which will include building a substantial SQL Server data warehouse and developing a wide range of OLAP cubes and presentation analyses.

It is anticipated that, over time, the new application(s) will replace existing EIS-style applications which were developed some years ago using Acuity/ES software and which have been continually improved and supported by AHCis over the past 3 years. 


 1 April 2000  

AHC Information Services Ltd establishes its first Internet presence with the first publishing of this Web Site.

We are working towards having a 'live' demonstration of Aquarius on the site as soon as we have sorted out the requisite WWW certification..


 April 2000 Version 4 of ECal, The Epidemiological Calculator will be available during April 2000. This includes a major new extension which will allow data to be imported from ODBC databases or text files, 'on the fly',  thus creating new data sets to be used in ECal analyses.


 March 2000

AHCis made its first public exhibition appearance at HC2000 at Harrogate. We were extremely pleased by the response to Aquarius. It seems to be taking the right direction to meet the needs of the NHS - particularly within Health Authorities who are producing their 'Information for Health' Local Implementation Strategies on behalf of themselves and their PCGs.




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