What's in a name?

       Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Decision Support, MIS, EIS, Performance Monitoring ...

Whatever title is used, the overriding need is for information. Information which is up to date, accurate, properly managed and presented in the most appropriate format for its intended use and users.

Nurses, Doctors, Managers - indeed all personnel who are involved in the management of Health Services face an increasing need to be able to access, understand and use information as a matter of routine.

AHC Information Services Ltd (AHCis) is committed to the cause of ensuring that information is used to the benefit of the management of Health Care. We can provide a range of software products and related services to help Health Authorities and Boards, NHS Trusts, Primary Care Groups and General Practice to get to grips with their information. We have over 20 person-years experience in the delivery of information systems within the NHS.



       Net-Based Solutions

The future plans for the NHS are dominated by an agenda of 'modernisation'. Information Technology has a vital role to play. not only in the provision of the computing and communications infrastructure, but also in ensuring that information is more readily available at the point of need than ever before.

AHCis is totally committed to this cause and is developing a range of new software products which will exploit the potential of NHSnet and the World-Wide Web in making information as free as possible, both within the NHS and to the outside world - including the general public.


Aquarius is the first member of the new product family. Designed initially to enable users to access information stored in Corporate Data Warehouses from a friendly, intelligent and interactive client application running within standard 'Web-Browsers', Aquarius embodies a state of the art Client/Server architecture, written in Java so as to be 'Web-ready' from the start.

Further developments will extend the capabilities of Aquarius in areas such as Web-Site and Data Warehouse generation as well as a range of more specialised Healthcare-specific analysis tools.

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